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This is a list of the most frequently asked questions I get from customers – please read it carefully before messaging me. Thanks!


How long does it take for a Spiritual Work to manifest, and how does it work?

It is completely impossible to predict when or how a work will start manifesting, because the secret around the will of God and the Spirits is too strong. I've had spells manifest in hours, some in days, some in weeks, some in months. There is absolutely no rule-for-all here.

You must understand that once your petition is in the hands of Spirits, after your work is performed, I have absolutely no more information about it that I can give you, because I am not the one who grants the requests. The trust you must put in the Spirits that are working for your request is a very important element in the success of the work, so my advice is – be patient and grateful, and let Spirits do the work :).

Can I have a reading to know if my request will be granted?

For the same reasons cited above, no. I know from experience that your reading will be completely inconclusive, and Spirits will never give you a clear answer. It is a waste of your money, and of your (and my) time. It is my rule to never sell services that will not bring a clear answer.

What is the difference between binding and non-binding magic?

Although this would take too long to answer in full, to put it shortly I would say that the main difference is that binding magic interferes with free will, and non-binding magic doesn't. Remember that it is your responsibility to educate yourself about what you are purchasing; my job is to provide a service, not to teach magic.

Is binding magic more powerful than non-binding magic?

No. They are just two different ways of casting spells.

How long will it take for my work to be performed?

Orders are scheduled as they are paid, so that can vary. Usually, the wait is around 24-48 hours, because every spell needs preparations; if the wait is longer than that, I make an annoucement that appears on the top of every page of this website, so customers know.

I am in a real hurry – do you take emergency work?

Yes, but there is a double payment fee, and only ONE slot per week. Before doing any purchases, you must contact me to know if the emergency slot is taken already.

Do I have to do anything, like taking baths, lighting candles, etc?

No. That is why you pay me, so I do the work as it should be done. The only thing you have to do is, as I said above, to be patient and grateful to the Spirits.

What is the “petition” that I must write for my work?

Your petition is just a short paragraph stating what you want the work to do for you. You must make it sincere, but there is no wrong or right here – do not worry about it affecting the power of the spell, because it won't.

Does repeating works increases the chances of success?

Absolutely, without any doubt. But, repeating the work or not is always YOUR decision. For as long as you want to fight for a situation, I will work with you.


And remember - I do not assure ANY results. Whoever uses the words “assured” or “guaranteed” when speaking of Spiritual Work is a scammer, because it's not the Spiritual Worker who grants the requests, it's God and the Spirits – and as I said above, the secret about their will is complete.

On the other hand, I can and do assure professionality, the experience of a lifetime of work, my total dedication and the best materials - so your petition is delivered to the Spirits in the best way, with no obstacles or doubts, and with the correct magical procedures. I assure a sacred space that is tended constantly, 100% organic and homemade products, so you have the higher chances to have your request granted – and I can also assure my unbreakable faith in the Spirits.