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Tarot Forecast For February 2023



Cards: Five Of Cups, Five Of Wands (Reversed), Temperance.


It is the time to stop holding on to what has already left your life, and start working for the future. What has been lost, what has been broken, will simply not return, and every second that you spend feeling sorry for yourself is a second that is being wasted.


You need to start rebuilding yourself, in peace, without outside influences, and following a path of pure grace. The Temperance card is showing you the key to the new chapter; you must seek balance, fluidity, and harmony with the true needs of your soul.


And that requires that you let go of the past, of the pain, and of the grudges that are weighing you down, and that turn you into someone that you are not. Release yourself of the burdens you carry, forgive yourself for carrying them, and move onto RADIANCE and FREEDOM.


Magical Recommendation:


Spiritual baths are your best friend when it comes to renew and recharge yourself, and remove stagnant energy. Using the herbs that are more appropriate in your practise, a weekly herbal bath could be of great help; if you don't have much experience, a mixture of lemon peel, rosemary and salt is always a powerful choice.


Surrounding yourself with peaceful music, images of angels, and moving water fixtures is also recommended, while of course removing clutter and putting aside any activities that harm your mood. If it doesn't feel graceful, just say goodbye to it for good.


Of course, if you feel like you need help going through this change, remember that I offer custom spiritual work; you don't have to do this alone, and you deserve to have a powerful and experienced professional working by your side!


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