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Podcasts And Articles


I am always happy to participate in podcasts and publications, especially those who feature Black, POC, and Indigenous practitioners like me. If you are interested in my work, and want me to participate in your project, feel free to use the Contact Form to message me.



The Essential Herbal - A Garden Of Mediterranean Magic (March/April, 2021)

Stone, Root, And Bone - Spirit Dolls In The Traditions Of The African Diaspora (issue 4, August 2020)

Psychic Self Defense In Canarian Curanderismo - Witches & Pagans (issue 31, December 2015)

Sacred Intention: Magical And Medicinal Herbology In The Canary Islands (issue 37, June 2019)

The Essential Herbal, Mar- Apr 2023 Issue - The Magical, Healing Power Of Spices


Podcast Guest Appearances

New World Witchery, Episode 67 - August 2014

On Sacred Ground, March 2015

The Brew, October 2019

The Masca And The Mystic, August 2020

Anam Cara Podcast,  May 2021

I am an executive contributor for Brainz Magazine - you can read my articles clicking on the image below: