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Custom Oil Lamp - Hex-Breaking, Binding, And Hexing Oil Lamp

Custom Oil Lamp - Hex-Breaking, Binding, And Hexing Oil Lamp

This listing is for a Custom Hex-Breaking, Binding, and Hexing Oil Lamp ONLY. For Custom Regular Oil Lamps, please click HERE.

Oil Lamps are one of the oldest rituals of Espiritismo, and one that is really appreciated by Spirits, as it is done in a very traditional way. All my oil lamps are made with first quality ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, pure beeswax wicks made by Orthodox monks in Greece, my own magical oils, and my entire Apothecary of herbs, roots, and magical curious, which is 100% organic. As with Candlework and Spellwork, each lamp includes the offering of fresh herbs from my Sacred garden, and of first quality resin incense.

I customize every Lamp to your specific needs - for those customers who are less familiar with the process, here are some examples of works that fit this category. Please notice that these are only examples!

· Hex-Breaking Oil Lamp: to remove curses from enemies, generational curses, self-cursing, or parasitic entity activity.

· Tumba Enemigo (Enemy Crusher) Oil Lamp: to keep your enemies from blocking your path, and return their harm back to them.

· Binding Love Oil Lamp: to bind two people together.

· Separation Oil Lamp: to negatively influence the relationship between two or more people, be it couples, business partners, etc, and make them break apart from each other.

· San Alejo Oil Lamp: to send away people from your life, such as bad neighbours, co-workers, competitiors, etc.

· Hexing Oil Lamp: to curse a specific person.


Important Notes:

I will need your full name, date of birth, and your petition. You can email that information to or use the Contact Form of the website. If you don't know how to do that, please wait until I have replied to your order, and I will gladly help you through the process.

Please give as much feedback as you can about the situation you are going through; the more information you add about your current situation, the better I will make a work that serves your needs.

Be honest about your request - believe me, I have seen everything, and I never judge my customers. Only God has the right to do that!

Once you make your payment, I will contact you with a scheduled date for your work. On that date, you will receive a picture and a brief report of the work made through email.

The picture above is just illustrative. It does NOT represent your specific oil lamp - it's just a sample of my work.


And remember:

· Hexing works are YOUR responsibility. If your request is not justified, the work may turn against you.

· Binding does not equal true love; no magic can create love out of thin air.

So, while I will not judge your request, I am only responsible of performing the work for you, and not of any unwanted consequences. I can only advise to think your petition well.


Before making any purchases, I strongly suggest you read my F.A.Q. Page, and the Store Policies Page.

Also, read the Testimonials Page to find feedback from customers all over the world; there is no better description of what my work can do for you than that!