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Email Tarot Reading - One Question

Email Tarot Reading - One Question

Three card Tarot reading, for ONE question, with the very special price of 20€. These are great for quick and/or urgent matters, for pre-spell consultations, or for any kind of question that does not require a full-length reading - and of course, for those times when you don't have the cash to pay for a full service, and need guidance from the Spirits.

These are not scheduled - I will attend your reading in 24 hours (please remember time difference, I am located in the Canary Islands), from Monday to Thursday. Readings made from Friday to Sunday will be answered on Monday morning.

The reading is sent in the body of an email, to the email address that you used to make your order.

Please send your full name, date of birth and question, with all the background about it that you wish (the more, the better), through the "Message To Seller" tab that you will find during checkout, or use the Contact Form of the website.

Suggestions For This Type Of Reading:

· To know if you are under the effect of harmful magic, when you are considering getting Hex-Breaking work done;

· To know if someone has feelings for you, when you are considering getting love work done;

· To have a brief overview of a new job, a new home, or a new profession;

· When you have a strong hunch about someone or something, and want to verify it;

· To get a taste of my AWESOME :D Tarot reading skills, and the experience of 27 years, before investing more in a full service.

TIP: To make the most of this reading, make your question as specific as you can. This is a three-card reading, so questions that are too complex, or include several options, may need a different approach.

TIP 2: If you have more than one question, you can get more than one reading, just by changing the quantity on your order. I may be sounding like Captain Obvious here, but I get this asked a lot!

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Before making any purchases, I strongly suggest you read my F.A.Q. Page, and the Store Policies Page.

Also, read the Testimonials Page to find feedback from customers all over the world; there is no better description of what my work can do for you than that!

Refunds are not allowed once payment is made.

Once you make your payment, you are assuming I am working on my best knowledge for your satisfaction, and that I cannot be held liable for any mistakes included in the reading. I do not offer medical or legal advice; the reading is not a substitute for any of those services.

I reserve the right to modify this terms without prior notice. - See more at: