Participations for the 3rd edition of the Fortuna Deluxe Ritual, happening on Friday June 9, are available at:



Fortuna Deluxe Group Ritual, 3rd Edition - Friday June 9

Fortuna Deluxe Group Ritual, 3rd Edition - Friday June 9

The third edition of the Fortuna Deluxe Ritual is coming!


Of all my group rituals, the Fortuna Ritual is without a doubt the most successful one, with ove a dozen editions performed in the past three years, and hundreds of customers served through them. This ritual is intented to attract good finances, protect your job and/or investments, protect your employees and suppliers, protect your work space, and of course, help you find more work if you need it. It is, in short, a work which protects the chain of wealth from start to end.


The Fortuna Deluxe is a new and improved version of the ritual, with completely unique magical elements developed in collaboration with my Cuadro Espiritual, designed to attract even more abundance and prosperity into your life!


And remember – your financial success, your abundance, benefits us ALL. This work is not only an investment in your own prosperity, it's an investment on everyone around you, and truly, on all society. The more you have, the more we all have.


As always, please add your full name and date of birth when making your order. All participants will receive a brief report and pictures in an email, right after the ritual is performed.


A one-person version of this ritual is also available for regular customers; please use the Contact Form of the website if you are interested. The price of the one-person ritual is 250 Euros.