Participations for the 1st edition of the Fortuna Deluxe, happening on Friday October 7, are available at:



I am regularly fully booked for around a week in advance. Please keep this in mind when making your order, and as always, thanks so much for your trust in my work!


An Announcement:

I will not be performing Cursing/Hexing work for customers any more. This decision has nothing to do with my stance on cursing work, which has not changed at all, but with certain commitments to a specific entity within my Cuadro Espiritual.

Of course, all other works in the same category (Hex-Breaking, Binding, Banishing, Justice, etc.) are not affected by this commitment, and will continue to be available as usual. If you want to know if your situation fits the category, you are most welcome to contact me through the website, and I will assess your problem.


Fortuna Deluxe Group Ritual - Friday October 7

Fortuna Deluxe Group Ritual - Friday October 7

During the 2020 Holy Week, in the first of Spain's quarantine lockdowns, I did a great amount of meditation, and asked for advice to my Guides and Spiritual Family to design a ritual that was specifically aimed at financial success – and as always, they did not disappoint me. I was given the guidelines to an extremely powerful work, which they named the Fortuna Ritual. This ritual has become so popular among my customers, and has helped so many people stay afloat,  that since April 2020, TEN editions of the ritual have been performed with great success.


The Fortuna Ritual is intented to attract good finances, protect your job and/or investments, protect your employees and suppliers, protect your work space, and of course, help you find more work if you need it. It is, in short, a work which protects the chain of wealth from start to end. The Fortuna Deluxe is a NEW and IMPROVED version of the ritual - if you have participated in any of the previous editions, you just can't miss this one!


And remember – your financial success benefits us ALL. It benefits those who are around you, those who depend on you, but also the entire society. During this time of uncertainty, those of us who can keep working, and keep offering our work to others, are more valuable than ever - so, by investing in this ritual, you are benefitting your entire world.


As always, please add your full name and date of birth when making your order. All participants will receive a brief report and pictures in an email on Friday October 7, right after the ritual is performed.


If you'd prefer to have financial custom work done only for yourself, please check the Spellwork Section of the shop.