Participations for the 4th Edition of the Golden Healing Ritual, happening on Friday December 16, are available at:




I am regularly fully booked for around a week in advance. Please keep this in mind when making your order, and as always, thanks so much for your trust in my work!





Golden Healing Ritual, Fourth Edition - Friday December 16

Golden Healing Ritual, Fourth Edition - Friday December 16

On Friday December 16, I will be performing the fourth edition of the Golden Healing Ritual. This will be the last group ritual of 2022 - as always, this has been chosen by my Cuadro Espiritual, and I could not be happier about it!


This is a joyful, but holy ritual, that calls for the assistance of angelic entities, and of the highest Spirits only. I can only describe its energy as... well, golden! As all my group rituals, this one was dictated by the Spirits during my meditation exercises; the goals for this ritual are:


· To cleanse you of all residual and stagnant energy that the past months have left on you, and release all negativity, bad habits and influences, and burdens.


· To purify your energy after cleansing it, so your vibrational level is elevated and protected, and so you are completely refilled with the vibration of the highest Spiritual entities.


· To strengthen your protection against negativity, illness, and danger, whether if it's from supernatural, or human sources.


· To help you attract more beneficial entities of the highest vibration, and elevate your Ancestor and Spirit Guides, no matter their present level of elevation. This way, the ritual connects with you permanently, empowering you through the future months.


The ritual will be performed on Friday December 16; after the ritual has been performed, all participants will receive pictures, and a brief report of the work done.

As always, please add your full name and date of birth when making your order.