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Guardian Angel Alignment And Empowerment

Guardian Angel Alignment And Empowerment

This new Service is focused on cleansing, strenghtening and empowering your relationship between you and your Guardian Angel. As the head of your Cuadro Espiritual, and the very link between your physical incarnation and the world of Spirits, your Guardian Angel is one of the most important entities in your life, and sadly, one of the most underrated and forgotten.

If you have studied the concept of Ori in Lukumi faith, then you know what I am talking about: Ori is not only our protector, but our very destiny, our strength, and the outline of our future. To work on the relationship between you are your Guardian Angel is an investment on your happiness and your success at all levels, and one that cannot fail, because as long as we live, our Guardian Angel is with us.

When your relationship with your Guardian Angel is not fluid, your intuition will not be clear, your life may seem meaningless or lacking power, your decisions will never be easy, and your future will always be unclear. The light and guidance that our Guardian Angel provides in our lives cannot be matched – do you know that expression “living your best life”? Well, that is what you get when you and your Guardian Angel are fully aligned, and working as one.

With the power and love of your Guardian Angel filling your life, you will have the strength to face any situation, the clarity to always make the best decisions, the willpower to reach your goals, and the serenity and grace to go through life like the very incarnation of God that you are.

For this ritual, I will only need your full name and date of birth. You can add them on the “Message To Seller” tab during checkout, or wait until I have replied to your order with the scheduled date for it.


1: You do not need to follow a Abrahamic faith to have this ritual performed for you. I do not use Guardian Angel as an Abrahamic-only term – I am using this word so it is easily understood to my customers worldwide. You are most welcome to name your Guardian Angel in any other way that suits your heritage, and if you want me to name them by other name during the ritual, please let me know, I am more than happy to do so!

2: This work is not a once-in-a-lifetime thing. You are most welcome to repeat it as many times as you want to, and multiply its effects with every repetition!