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Heart Of Glory Group Ritual - Friday October 1

Heart Of Glory Group Ritual - Friday October 1

When you are hurt, your heart chakra closes and hardens, to protect you against trauma – and, while this helps us survive the most difficult situations, and keeps us together through hell, as time passes this strategy becomes a burden, and a prison.


With a closed heart, your healing stops, your spiritual growth is stuck in place, and you end up choosing only those relationships that will not challenge the closing of your heart – and so, they never work. You continue to repeat the same bad choices, because you cannot see them for what they are, and unless something is profoundly changed, you will stay there forever.


And of course, there's the pandemic. Isolated, away from friends and family, cut off from our connection with Nature, and dealing with such tremendous loss of lives, to say that our heart needs healing would be a total understatement.


But, as always, the Spirits are there for all of us, generously offering their medicine. This new group ritual is focused on the opening and healing of the heart chakra, in a ceremony where regular spellwork, Reiki healing, and chakra therapy will interlink and empower each other towards a common goal.


The ritual will be performed on Friday, October 1; as always, please add your full name and date of birth when making your order.

After the ritual has been performed, all participants will receive pictures, and a brief report of the work done.