I am regularly fully booked for around a week in advance. Please keep this in mind when making your order, and as always, thanks so much for your trust in my work!


An Announcement:

I will not be performing Cursing/Hexing work for customers any more. This decision has nothing to do with my stance on cursing work, which has not changed at all, but with certain commitments to a specific entity within my Cuadro Espiritual.

Of course, all other works in the same category (Hex-Breaking, Binding, Banishing, Justice, etc.) are not affected by this commitment, and will continue to be available as usual. If you want to know if your situation fits the category, you are most welcome to contact me through the website, and I will assess your problem.



Participations for the 2nd edition of the Irresistible Fortuna Ritual, happening on August 19, are available at:




Irresistible Fortuna, 2nd Edition - A DOUBLE Wealth Attraction Ritual - Friday August 19

Irresistible Fortuna, 2nd Edition - A DOUBLE Wealth Attraction Ritual - Friday August 19

After many requests from customers, and a few miraculous success stories, I am performing the second edition of the Irresistible Fortuna Ritual on August 19!

The Irresistible Fortuna Ritual is a DOUBLE group ritual, combining my two most requested services, the Fortuna Ritual and the Irresistible Ritual. The purpose of combining these two rituals into one is to provide a very powerful element of Manifestation Magic to an already very potent Abundance Magic Ritual, multiplying its ability to bring wealth, growth, and empowerment. Can you see how the power of these two can create something absolutely life-changing?

Also, please notice that, AGAIN, this Service has a very special price of 65 €, instead of the 90€ that doubling the price would mean, so everyone can participate, and receive the blessings of the generosity of the Spirits!

As always, remember to add your full name and date of birth when making your purchase. On August 19, after the ritual has been performed, all participants will receive pictures, and a detailed report of the work done.




For those new customers who have not participated in previous rituals, here is some introduction to both:

· The Fortuna Ritual, with ten extremely successful editions since the beginning of the pandemic, is focused on attracting good finances, protecting your job and/or investments, employees and suppliers, work space, and of course, help you find more work if you need it. It is, in short, a work which protects the chain of wealth from start to end.

· The Irresistible Ritual, with four editions completely sold out already performed, is a group ritual for self-empowerment, personal affirmation, and evolution at all levels; but, with a very powerful twist. Developed as an attraction spell, instead of making you run towards your goals, it turns the tide and makes your goals pursue you.