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Spirit Guide Channeling Session

Spirit Guide Channeling Session

As most of my followers already know, during the past two years I've been posting messages channeled from my Cuadro Espiritual on my social media channels. These marvellous messages have reached people around the whole globe, and have comforted, inspired, and empowered many, many people. This year, as part of the new services I am implementing, and after literally years of requests, I am going to be offering channeling work!


Channeling is sacred, Divine advice received through mediumship directly from my Cuadro, without the use of any other tools, to help you make better choices, to grow as a spiritual practitioner, and to evolve into a higher, more powerful existence.


Channeling is the direct word of Spirits, the direct word of the Universe, the direct word of the source of Inconditional Love. To receive channeling from Spirits through a well trained medium is a sacrament, a privilege, and always worth the investment.


How It Works


After you make your order, I will email you back to ask you for your data and your question, which is optional.

Once I receive your information, I will schedule your session, and on that date, you will receive a PDF file with a transcription of your channeling session.


Since channeling requires a great amount of energy from me and the Spirits, slots for this service are extremely limited, so please understand that small delays in scheduling can happen.


Please notice that you will only receive advice from my Cuadro, which is a group of extremely wise, loving, and evolved Spirits. I will NOT contact random Spirits at request.


If you have any questions about this service, please Contact Me, I am more than happy to help.