Participations for my new group ritual, the Tower Of Protection Ritual, are available at:

Tower Of Protection Ritual - Friday August 14

Tower Of Protection Ritual - Friday August 14

We are going through a very complex and transformational period, and if there is an emotion that is debilitating us right now, it is fear. While I think feeling afraid is completely justified, because the dangers we all face are no small thing, we just cannot let it control us, and we must fight to protect ourselves and our environment with every tool we have. Because of this, I have designed the Tower Of Protection Ritual.

This new group ritual will be performed on Friday, August 14, and will be devoted to the three main areas of Protection Magic:


· Protection for your health: physical, mental, and emotional. Against illness, accidents, and every kind of harm.

· Protection for your possessions: your job, your home, your investments, etc. Against loss, robbery, fraud, and every kind of harm.

· Protection against harmful magic: hexes, generational curses, evil eye, and all kinds of negativity from toxic relationships in your life.


As always, please add your full name and date of birth when making your order. After the ritual has been performed on august 14, all participants will receive a brief report and pictures through email.


If you'd prefer to have protection custom work done only for yourself, please check HERE.


Remember that you can always purchase it for someone else – many generous patrons have purchased participations that I publicly give away on social media, and I have no doubt that the Spirits have always chosen the right people to receive them.